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Jade Fountain

Jade has spent the last 13 years working with various local businesses - both directly as their bookkeeper and indirectly in an advisory capacity - after receiving a diploma in Accounting and Payroll. She greatly enjoys bringing comfort to her clients in areas that they may otherwise feel overwhelmed and providing insight to their business based on their financials. She loves hanging out with her furry family, binge-watching shows and solving puzzles. The Nerdy Owl isn’t the only place she brings the nerdy….

Casey Kanters

After receiving a diploma for Accounting and Payroll, Casey worked for nearly 7 years in Accounts Payable processing thousands of invoices. In more recent years she has been able to broaden her skills with full cycle bookkeeping including the added value of integrating multiple sources of financial information into understandable, concise, and usable formats for her clients. She is self taught in spreadsheets and has a passion for creating improvements to better streamline processes. You can catch her late at night, 30 minutes deep into excel videos, learning new skills and honing the ones she’s already put into play.